Boston Outlaw gives a one year manufacturer’s watch guarantee.
We take into account that accidents do occur, however, our fashion watches aren't intended for sporting, water or high intensity sports wherein the watch may come to be damaged due to excessive force, water or heat exposure. These watches carry a 3ATM Waterproof Rating (meaning they are water resistant only) and can only be exposed to light splashes of water such as rain or washing your hands. It’s not recommended to have your watch come into contact with large amounts of moisture and water as it may reduce the lifespan of your watch.
What does our manufacturer's guarantee consist of?
Any errors due to the manufacturing of the watches inclusive of defects will be protected by guarantee.
What isn't covered within the guarantee?

  • Our one year guarantee does not encompass any damage caused to the watch via normal use. For example: dropping your watch, bumps, wear and tear and so on.
  • Our guarantee does not include the watch battery.
  • If the watch is engraved this unfortunately is not protected by the guarantee.

The manufacturer’s guarantee additionally does not include general ‘wear and tear’ to the watch and watch strap.

Water Damage:

Our fashion watch collections are not covered via guarantee from water damage as they are not designed for water sports and other similar activities. Please do not submerge the watch for long periods of time or go swimming/participate in watersports with the watch.