To start your return, please enter your name, the order number provided to you at the time of purchase/confirmation email, and the email address you provided during your purchase.

Please provide a detailed message as to why you might be returning your watch.


Common Return Questions

Boston Outlaw offers a 14-day return policy after the item has been shipped from our premises. To be eligible for a refund or exchange within this period, your product must be:

1. In the same condition as sold, with the original box and tag.

2. Unworn.

3. You must have proof of purchase (The Order Number & Customer Name).

If for any reason you need to return a product outside of the 14-day period, please contact us at

Please refer to our Returns Policy page for more details.

Faulty Items

Please email us at if you believe there is an issue with your product.

Still have questions?

Email us at with your full name, order number and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.